07 June 2010


This one is complicated. I will point you to the Curonian Spit for clarification.

Balti 6/7

Last Russian outpost among the EU
Sitting Curonian Spit, jutting westward
Maybe some sort of reaching
Maybe some sort of statement about holding on

The spit reaches across the Baltic
Forested, a finger touching Lithuania Kaliningrad
Holding the brackish waters back
Swirling phytoplankton blooms iris

Dunes thirty meters high roll endlessly
Some sort of statement about testing about time
Some sort of reaching out from the bowels of geology
Touching the faces of faster-paced shorter-lived beings

Plankton, green and moving across watery homes
Press against the spit, wash the sand
Cover the one road that reaches north and south
Connecting one Union to another...

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