02 June 2010

Spread Betting

Spread Betting 6/2

I walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and toss a stone lazily the gulls screech and dive the garbage barges
The lines of thread pull the surface up the water flats underneath, I catch the gaze of a woman in her thirties, she holds a child loosely over the edge, the drop is slow
I sleep with a guy I met on the train, he fucks hard fast and tells me to get out when we're done, I don't ask him about the tattoo on his leg of the twin towers, don't ask him about the tired look in his eyes or the coughing...

The drop is slow...

I walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, pull the camera and take shots of where things used to be, I turn and take a picture of the Watchtower building and look at where buildings are being
I spider snake lines of tension cables cross an O'Keefe cathedral sky, ten shades of blue blink in the spaces
The guy watches me, sweating from across the aisle, he is staring at my crotch, my legs, my arms, everywhere but my eyes, which he says is like looking into falling...

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