22 June 2010


Henri Pitot invented the pitot tube in the 1700s. It is L-shaped. Like an arm bent at the elbow. The tube is used to measure fluid flow.

Dreams are a sort of measure. This one was definitely a nightmare about the end of things that I care about.

Side note: I notice that some of my lines are too long for the posts. If it looks like the word should have been on the line above, it should have been. Like in this poem.

Pitot 6/22

They all come walking into the field with their elbows bent outwards like pitot
They are pulsing their blood flows and making their eyes bulge
Somehow they control the dropping of bombs on the assembled guests
This is a barbecue for everyone you've every known
They have all assembled and are eating hot dogs hamburgers
Zombie Nazis are coming over the hills your guests sing your praises
With their akimbo arms and popping faces they are eating across your family
Your friends are rising an army of undead people you love they come at you
Elbows bent pitot the pressure coming up as the bones melt under the weight
They are coming up the hills a terrible history of somehow some when

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