13 June 2010


I saw the Joan Rivers documentary tonight.

I haven't laughed that much in ages.

It felt very very good.

Mettled 6/13

In the dream
your back is to us I'm folding
clothes the woman is screaming
tears flood cheeks
The other fixes holes
in a pair of pants

In the dream
as your back is to us
you are singing
and I tell the woman sewing
that she only does this now
that you are dead

On the window that you look at
forests of apple trees grow
You sing a song about railroads
The woman sewing throws yarn
at the screaming woman

I fold clothes into a suitcase
the train fills the room you are
singing with your back to us
it is about how you died

The tears rend the room blue
she is coughing
The holes in the pants grow larger
soon everything will be a hole

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