12 June 2010


This poem is the one I've most edited in recent weeks.

It is really about the project, but I think it's about life in general. It sort of captures my mood perfectly as we begin a new moon phase.

It's the Strawberry Moon.

Multiplicate 6/12

There are a lot of days stacking up
useless cartography
the landmasses are imagined dragons
that evaporate before ships
the compass spins idly

Those days sand themselves
levy then break in any drizzle
bury themselves in sorry

Those days make paper burn promises
pretend enlightenment in their folded
airplanes that they soak in tears

The roof leans inwards then allows faces to peer inside

Book-jackets for these days
convert themselves into folders
to keep track of the failing
They track a pile of books
in an empty office
a madman at a desk catalogs the waste
the evaporation becomes clouds
the clouds pour forth

What will pour forth...

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