16 March 2016

Poem-A-Day #16 : LV PM (OE)


I want to lighthouse you

The ocean will do that beating against the shore thing it does and out there in the expanse some kind of octopus will wrap itself inside of an old soup can for shelter

Cream of mushroom most likely its always cream of mushroom

The tower isn't a metaphor for cock it isn't about sex not this time it's about illumination the kind with large letters drawn at the start of chapters the kind with doodles in the margins

I want to bedrock you

Put this down under foot that there is solidity in this and there is permanence and there is a big sky blowing up with clouds and wind

When the bomb of the sun hits the sky the darkness evaporates into rain

I spin in a circle my arm outreached the fingers are rays and everything they hit becomes highlighter and shadow they never burn out they are diligent in their touching

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