12 March 2016

Poem-A-Day #12 : them/arrows


I wonder about the people who design iconography
the mindset of simplification is foreign and mysterious
like night time streets in a city I've never been to

There is a path along the canal from Canada Water to the hostel
and the group of young boys is tossing the ball between them
it's probably mid-day and warm out but could just as easily be night

You - I - We - are walking far enough behind them
that we can't hear their words jut the periodic laughter
and the sound of the ball hitting cobblestone

The first time I came to this canal it was 5 in the morning
it was in December and cold and dark and wet
and there was only quiet and water and how do I know where to go

We could pretend there were signs with a little house on them
arrows ---> pointing to the path to the hostel doors

There were only windows reflecting darkness
the sound of luggage wheels catching on brick

Source - http://ppv-london.blogspot.com/2012/05/rotherhithe.html

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