07 January 2010


I forgot to post yesterday...which is just me falling over on the job.

I am in love with this song:

Discharge (1/6)

The delta is a floe - glacial - black
            it is an oil slick with mirrors for rivulets

The river is a fertile tear - a mother's
            dramatic opus - coming from her door

Inside is a dress of linen - her eyelids are lace
            the pupils are veiled spring beds

Horse eyes - this is the thought - black
            mouse-like marbles

There is the sound of a train in the distance
            see - this is underground now

Asubway - tunnel - a road to Paris
            ten years - bored the English Channel

It's the countryside now - Stonehenge - Bath
            there are things you cannot see here

There are rocks that were parts of her knees -

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