13 January 2010


Please note both definitions of today's word. The second is where I went in the poem. Sort of. Kinda.

Fadge (1/13)

Synchronicity kicks on Tuesdays in March
That's when cars roll red ten deep and buses come in threes

I'm looking into the East River trying to understand the Domino factory
They are putting up a waterfall on the Brooklyn Bridge

I take the second bus because I like the idea of sandwiches on wheels
I watch all the red flow and turn towards center

Really this is just a go at making it cohere
An attempt at making sense of a day like Jung like O'Hara like...

If the bus drops us off at the basin of the Dead Sea
And it continues onward north until it begins to go south...

I guess I'm circling my own globe my own drain
My head is on a spike rotating slowly in a gallery in Paris

Astrological maps across the surface create phrenology
You can trepan right through Orion's Belt

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