11 January 2010


Spiritualize (1/11)

Yet another poem about cruciform arms - yet
it's more about Napa Valley and drinking
It hasn't even begun yet - yet
it began centuries ago

If I begin by saying that a poem is a psalm -

Here - take this book - it is a hymnal
dedicated to my dead aunt my dead grandmother
my dead -

It's a prayer against forgetting -

Yet another cloudy day where crosses form
from the overhead wires and buildings - yet
another sleeping in late day - yet
another renunciation

If this is rebuttal I have forgotten the argument -

Here - let's decide on a stance - I am the antichrist
to your burning bush - I will play devil if you dig
a hole and don't talk -

This is a void filling -

Yet another empty room echoing - yet
it's got an organ so it's not empty really
It's not full of parishioners yet - yet
it is never really full

This congregation is a cipher - these arms hold nothing

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