03 January 2010


Paradox (1/3)

There is that momentary break in the water
where everything is rock and glass and dry
It happens on the edges of islands in rivers
mostly it's on Tuesdays but sometimes Sunday

There are things that build houses on these breaks
and wait out the momentary lapse of rushing
The empty gourds that roof these beings are like
pumpkins are like bowls twice as filling

These things are like water bugs but spidery
the sound of their building is quick
This all takes only seconds and then it's been
centuries really

Those civilizations rise and fall and then
there is a moment where their idols tell lies
They talk about the end and it is true and
it is coming from the river they say

Here there are places for toes to grip the under
the feel is just like sand only it's confetti
A loud sucking of air and it all comes crashing
it all mini-apocalypses

And it's only been a moment in time a glance
those cities that the foam in rivers builds
as it leaves and comes back -

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