01 January 2010

A Doing

This is a truish story.

Doing (1/1)

Red says he's fighting molemen
            at least that's what he says
We're on the 4 - it's midnight - he's been to jail for kicking the shit out of a pedophile
            at least that's what he says

Molemen eat your being
This is the last thing Red says
He's out the doors across the platform into Brooklyn
I'm left with a hug and neon

I switch to the 2
Exit at Grand Army
It's warm and Prospect Park is night time
70 degrees the doors to the library sentinel against the new Richard Meier

The walk to Franklin is a mess of post
I think about becoming a stripped body at the South Seaport
            becoming a robot stuffing ideas into boxes the stack tilting
It suddenly cools and goose bumps rise

What if the newspapers blared something other then who was drunk last night
            what if they mentioned the births only
The list of the dead is a catalogue stuffed into dream selves made from used cardboard
I am stuffing drawers

And all of it may be true
The rain comes just when you are thinking about it
            and Richard Meier reflects endlessly but absorbs none of Grand Army Plaza
In the end molement probably don't exist but Red's girlfriend is still gone

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