04 May 2012

Born This Way

Super Awesome Bonus Poem 1001!

I realized after posting We Are Young that I also never posted 2011's #1 birthday song poem. So here it is.

Born This Way 5/4

I was born
and the sky opened – a dog bearing its teeth
No matter black,
the expanse was crystal – shuddering – spasms
the womb was lined in glitter
I was born –
The angles of the room were swept of shadows
as at mid-day – the sun took its hands down
No matter black remained
The expanses of the seas calmed – were mirror
The gulls desired no food
I was born
and the sky broke into multitudes of color – spectrums
you have never heard – ultra
no matter black
The arms of the universe wrap about
and flutter at the breath in the lungs of this one
I was born
No matter black    

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