05 May 2012


For the last project I'm going to go back to the beginning of the poem-a-day project as a whole.

I'm going to take the last lines from a poem and write a new one.

Today the poem is Rachis from 10/25/09. Each poem over the next 30 days will be counting down from there to the first poem I wrote for the project.

Evolution 5/5

They cannot understand their own language
It bends breaks open like overripe peaches

Juice running down their chins staining
tablecloths and floorboards

Leaving a sugar for the ants to come in
A dotted line connecting house to field

We are undone! They will scream They will
rend their clothes and rip hair from their heads

Hands will wring until skin sheds to bone
and still like birds carrying seeds

Their language will run from them

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