05 May 2012

THIS! 5/5/12

I've decided to start a weekly post of non book things that I found interesting. They will be things to read, watch, do, make. Basically it's going to be a curated list of weekly awesome. After this first test run I will post THIS! on Friday afternoons.

THIS! on May 5, 2012

1) R&D-I-Y
A crowd-sourced project that started out as a group wanting to make window farming for city dwellers simple and inexpensive. They have a huge community of people who are working to improve the system.

So far they have developed free (FREE!) directions on how to build your own window hydroponics system. Which is both daunting and a great idea. They also sell pre-made products if you don't have the time or abilities to build your own. The basic system is $120.

I love the idea of making use of the large NY windows to grow veggies or fruits. They have links and suggestions for nutrients to make your garden year-round. You can watch R&D-I-Y founder Britta Riley give a short but detailed TED talk below:

Frank Gehry has unveiled plans for the full memorial in DC. I like the modern take on the memorial. I am concerned that it is a little twee, what with the 'boyhood' Ike looking on the elder accomplishments and the translucent banners depicting his home.

It is not ugly though. And it is green space. So a win?

Yes, that Sean Astin.

This week Sean started a political podcast on Toad Hop Network called Vox Populi. It's rough around the edges but he has loads of energy and seems like a genuinely great guy. The tag line is "The Voice of the Occasionally Interested People" which describes me and a lot of people.

Here is a link to this week's show. He interviews Congressman Steve Israel (NY 2nd District) and Fox News commentator Frank Luntz.

The podcast is also available on iTunes but you can only watch the video on the Vox Populi website. And who doesn't want to watch Sean Astin be cute?

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