11 May 2012

THIS! 5/11/12

THIS on May 11, 2012


That, my friends, is a map of the USA rendered in hand-made iron skillets. Pans that you can buy as a whole map or individually at FeLion Studios. The pans are to scale and lock together. You can buy wall mounts for them!

'Fe' is the symbol for Iron on the periodic table. Also...Iron Lion Zion! The cheapest pan is Rhode Island (naturally) at $150! It's only 2 inches! The largest be Texas at $2,500!!! and 22x23 inches.

2) Movies

It's a great popcorn movie year y'all. The Avengers is just part one of a year-long awesomefest at cinemas. And by awesome, I mean eye-candy. Here are the ones I'm looking forward to.

Dark Shadows (Dear Tim Burton, do not fuck this up)

Prometheus (Dear Ridley Scott, do not fuck this up)

Django Unchained (Dear Jaime Foxx, do not fuck this up)

The Hobbit (yes)

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