04 June 2012

Milky Way

This is based on Beldam.

And this is the final poem-a-day. Thank you for the support over the years.
I will continue to post on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Milky Way 6/4

From the center of the universe comes the sound of screaming
crying calling laughing being born

Like the beacon on a lighthouse pulsar booming airplane over your house at night

That sound is not the sound of god the sound of fairies
of believing or not

It is the sound of hearts beating of universes on track to collide

The bleeping spinning glory of it all is giving in to the swirl
while denying the pull to jump into it

Breathe, etc.
Take that beacon hold it follow it around to the back of the lighthouse

Take a look out over the charred remains of Krakatoa see the boiling oceans
the sudden growing son of the volcano

Know that this is a continuum and that you are merely point twenty billion and something

On that dark side of the lighthouse is the jungle unexplored
take that first step into mirrored darkness

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