01 June 2012

THIS! 6/1/12

THIS! on June 1, 2012

1) Thieving Irons

The second album from this really really good Brooklyn band is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Here is the video for their latest single, Poison.

2) Leafcutter Designs

Get a loved-one a tiny letter or package. I sent one of the tiny cards to my Mom one year for Mother's Day. You can add your own message of about 25 lines. I would keep it to about the length of a tweet.

The packages are things like marbles, buttons, dice or an esc key form a computer.

Adorable and odd. And cheap!

3) Roominate

This toy allows you to design, build, and decorate a dollhouse. The best part is that you also get to wire it for electricity. There are TVs, fans, lights, all sorts of things to add with basic wiring skills.

The designers have launched a Kickstarter. They have two weeks left on the campaign and have already made twice what they were asking. The best part is that it teaches skills that are incredibly useful and often overlooked in our modern education system. Their vision statement is perfect:
We aim to bring more women into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Early opportunities to be inspired and encouraged will help girls welcome their potential as tomorrow's technology innovators.

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