08 June 2012


THIS! on June 8, 2012

1) Symphony of Science

John D. Boswell has taken bits from science shows and strung them into kinda amazing new age-ish electronic songs. Auto-tuned Bill Nye? Yes.

What started out as an awesome one-off project has grown into 15 songs/videos. A vinyl release from Jack White, a free compilation album, and also to #2.

2) PBS Digital Studios

PBS has launched a new digital experiment. Collaborating with Boswell they have made the above video. From their press release:

When we discovered video mash-up artist John D. Boswell, aka melodysheep, on YouTube, we immediately wanted to work together. Turns out that he is a uge Mister Rogers Neighborhood fan, ans was thrilled at the chance to pay tribute to one of our heroes.

Best of all, this is the first in a series.

3) Capuchin monkeys reject unequal pay

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