20 November 2009


My favorite part of this project is coming across words I don't know. It forces me to do research. There are days though where I am happy to sit in my ignorance.

There are also things that I don't feel like making up.

Chagga (11/20)

I don't know anything about Tanzania or its people I have tasted coffee
doubtful if from this region Americans like their Arabica from places
like Ethiopia It makes us feel reparations

Maybe I saw something on a travel program

I'm sure there was a nature special

The things I don't know about Tanzania fill a large room with leather furniture
I have written books to line the shelves about the things I don't know about Tanzania
They are free of words but picture themselves nicely with children's drawings of the imagined wonders of Tanzania I could look it up
make educated guesses

But I don't know even know where to begin so I room and book

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