22 November 2009


Non-labour (11/22)

Oh to be one of those men in suits!
            carrying their leather cases of paper
So fucking important - so filling those pointed shoes so well

Their crotches are filling their pants as well - slide
            fingers over wedding bands they
post annonymous on websites looking for hairless ass

So important - so on my televisions
            telling me how important they are
Oh to be idle in a penthouse - non-labour and bored to tears

Oh to be so bored - so unmoored - so shiny - so thinking
            how fun!
to be a mass huddled cold - a waitress - a cleaning woman
            carrying a canvas bag of groceries
So fucking tired of weeping buildings - of running eyes

Sich - bleeding - puss filled canker

Oh to be one of those men!
            teeth blinding and insides turning to mush
A tomato in a fridge - a goddamn Christmas tree in January

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