29 November 2009

Saltire Side-step

I am without internet at home so unfortunately things may be delayed. So, here are todays:

Saltire (11/29)

Crux decussata – X bound and flying
Andreas – fisher of men – Patras martyr
Against a blue field – swipe of white
Crux of lines – void of clear – a hole
An eye staring out – hooking curiosity
Andreas – brother – X bound and blue
Two swords crossing – sudden moment
Scales interlocking – armor plates – men
Patras martyr – you crux – tied starving
Against the blue ocean – apostle white

And yesterdays:

Side-Step (11/28)

The problem is not that the paint is not dry – that the stirs are un-mended
But that you walked away from the mending

I peel the layers of lead and take each communion-like on my tongue

The carpet is threadbare and pearls of moisture on the walls whip our salts
into a fog of crystal that slices our throats

Our house is a shot loon hanging from a rafter – its windows are clouded
over and closing

The problem is not the paint that drips water – is not the buckets filling
But that you leave the buckets until they rust

That you pull curtains over our eyes and fill our rooms with insulation rolls

The problem is that you are gone – that this is a ghost house – that it’s my chest
empty and filling with water

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