15 November 2009


Fly-through (11/15)

There is a mirror universe
A mirror earth with 5 less days in its mirror years

In the bathroom with the pink walls my face looks healthy

There is a device called The Ghost Mirror that relfects everything except the viewer
You can see things behind you

Each thing on this world works because of distance

      A few feet
            Several thousand miles

The product of light dancing on skin is a mirror in your hands
Glowing fingers smoothing a cheek

In the ghost mirror you can't see yourself
You must face everything else in your world

And on that mirror earth with 5 fewer moments to deal
Everyone moves faster and takes things less for granted

Or they notice things even less
Or they are used to it and don't even know it

Fathoms over water
      Spaces between houses
            Nano seconds inside of skin

They don't know

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