26 November 2009


Microinject (11/26)

America is a withered cactus - a succulent in rocks - it's roots tumbling for water

It is a wrinkled scrotum - aged and sprouting gray hairs

Instead of rain - a moisturizer a botox - harsh winter is coming up in gales in furies

The wind of forgetting knocks leaves from the trees - the heady bone fragments fall
silently and weakly - the naked limbs bend for their clothes

America is a tired whore

She is standing on a pedestal holding a damn light and no one will look - we have killed
Pertinax and sold off the empire for slightly better wages

Our progress in the desert - our springing forth water where there was none - has led us
to salt veins that are toxic

We become pillars in our suits

Vacant lots become the only lots with substance - the plants whip furious

There is only so much ink available to hide the aging - only so much plaster to
cover cracks

America needs an enema - an injection at the cellular level - some sort of clean water - a
de-ionized hyper-mineralized love-fest to ourselves

We need a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate - a mother with a thermometer -
someone should shake their finger at us and say 'no' - anyone? - we need a time out

Roots flow over rocks - an over pruned bonsai - leaves grow stunted and clear - plastic -
breaking as they fall on pavement - slicing under feet

What rebuilding could un-desert the sand - could un-lot the vacancies - what let's us
lower our lights?

America we should turn around and look at our shore - shine a beacon into our own dark

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