06 November 2009

xkcd Common Weal

xkcd is an odd comic that regularly makes me feel good. This one is a perfect example.

Common Weal (11/6)

The crowd is the wing of a great bird
They are the undercarriage of an ox

The feathers surge and spread
Air wrapping around each rachis

There is lift - a hovering quiet
A moment paused

There is heavy wood on massive shoulders
Yet they carry the country on their backs

The crowd is a vast sprawling ocean
Beating against concrete shores

There is lift - hulking
Weightless it drifts up to the troposphere

The bird defied gravity - coasting
Sunlight and the back of people shining

But there is a spinning heavy feeling
Feet that still plant the ground - they are going nowhere

The crowd is a rooted tree - centrifugal
Is gravity coming

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  1. Michael,

    The word-of-the-day site I was telling you about is wordsmith.org. Last week's words were


    the last one is especially nice: its a wooden spoon for stirring porridge.