24 November 2009


Parget (11/24)

When I say that you are my friend - that we are in the same boat
That our oars are spoons and this is a bowl in a turbulent ocean...

I am putting up wall-paper in the rooms that you left

A can of paint and some plaster remake my emotions - turn
blue ones red and whiten the purples

I cover over the thought that I was wanting us to be perfect with the face of an owl

Curtains cover the window that condenses universes in winter
The heat of a laying body - breaking nebulae swirling endless above heads...

I smooth over the wrinkles of past papers - teach myself 'without'

There are new sheets to bed - carpets put down
Our little boat is cracked in the sink scuttled and washed

I watch movies that we watched and think 'what the hell?'

When I say that you are my friend - that the universe we made collapsed
That our old big bang became rapid drifting apart...

I mean that you have left us -
            That I want to see 360 degrees -
                        That I see cracks in the surface of everything -

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